[MLO] Benny's Original Motorworks Extended

Benny’s Original Motorworks Extended

Benny’s Original Motorworks is cleaned up and extended with a whole new interior attached.

Price: 15 € + Tebex tax
Purchase here: sanhje Mod Store

Edits to the Benny’s Original Motorworks

  • Cleared out the whole 2nd floor and made the hall bigger
  • Removed a bunch of unnecessary stuff to make more room for vehicles
  • One new room for tuning vehicles.

The new office interior

  • Enterable from the mechanic area
  • Store front
  • Hallway
  • Locker room
  • 2 Sales Offices
  • Meeting room / Break room
  • Secret storage room

Interior file size: 31.1 mb

Video Showcase:


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Wow it looks pretty good

Looking Damn nice ! Great work !

looks great!! really loving all the office spaces! can’t wait to build a new shop/business around this asset. wooo!

also it’s been fun showing people the secret room! :smiley:

my god this is sexy!


Nice mate!

Looks very good, My only complaint is the theme of the offices don’t really fit the Benny’s Shop theme

How much too put a car lift prop in there? love the map. Just not a lot of sense with my mechanic script


I’ll help you out with putting in a couple of car lifts if that is a deal breaker for you. :slight_smile:

sounds like we got a deal, ill dm you my contact info

car lifts would be tight! esp fi they’re functional in some way :smiley:

Very nice! , love the big sign in the office!

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