Mission RP - Customized Server - discord.gg/V4JB67zswK - New Economy based - Public Cops - Jobs - Houses - Missions - EMS - Fire - Drugs - Casino and so much more!

Mission Roleplay - - https://discord.gg/V4JB67zswK - www.missionRP.com (Coming soon)

Have you been looking for an Economy based server to play on but keep finding yourself behind the curve? Look no further! Mission RP has been in development for a few weeks by former server admins and developers. Server is live as of 11/22/20! Jump on and start fresh with everyone else to stay ahead of the curve! We have a custom CAD setup for our Emergency departments integrated into discord and more. Missions set up through out the map, Bank Robberies, Armored truck missions, Drugs and more to name a few. Our emergency services such as Police, EMS and Fire.

Please review some of the rules below so you can jump right in with us tonight!

We plan to continue to develop and grow the server with custom content and improvements as we progress.

Discord: discord.gg/V4JB67zswK

Stay Tuned - More updates to follow!

Server is officially up and running as of 11/22/20! We look forward to seeing you online!