Missing Server Reviews

Not sure were to put this as I emailed support and they told me to go here to the forums… Over the last few weeks the reviews were disabled along with a security breach… After updating my license as requested, I now no longer have my server reviews… Is there anyway to restore this? I see other servers still have theirs?

Any help with this would be greately appriciated!

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Not 100% sure but the servers that still have reviews likely didn’t reset their key. I know a few of the servers I play on switched their keys and lost their reviews.

Yea i was told to message the moderator group and ask to restore them.

The ‘Regenerate’ button can’t possibly cause this, can you actually say what you did here and if you didn’t accidentally register a new server instead of ‘switching the key’?

There is no such thing and if you simply regenerated the key as you said (though also using weird phrasing, ‘updating your license’?) the reviews would still exist.

I made a new key by accident, I didn’t realize you could just regenerate… problem solved. But above poster is far from helpful.