Missing natives in Lua

During my FiveM script development, I noticed that some natives that were available in the docs in Lua didn’t actually work
attempt to call a nil value (global 'LockRadioStation').
The natives work fine in Lua, when called this way:
Citizen.InvokeNative(0x94F2E83EAD7E6B82, i, true)
I noticed two of them today, being SetRadioStationDisabled and LockRadioStation. I would strongly suggest adding a build check task that ensures every native from the reference is actually present in lua :slight_smile:, because these are not just the only two I found.


Are you using an old resource manifest version? This doesn’t seem like a bug, you should use fxmanifest - not __resource, or if you do use __resource you should specify a manifest version.


Which version should I put in there to get all the natives?

Just use fxmanifest with fx_version, any of them should work.

0x477D9DB48F889591 and 0x94F2E83EAD7E6B82 also map to the same native :upside_down_face: