$Miss Every Shot You Dont Take! $Og$Hussle$Ami$

                                                                             Copy Cool "One Way In One Way Out" Moneybaby
        Letz keep it a Buck One way in You Yourself Catch That Flight One Way Out You Your Just Cant be helped or are a flat out cheater and dont wanna Rp. If You Stay in the stands hatin or in the shadows quite or hoopin just to pass Than you gonna miss every shot u dont take in life. Gotta Live to Learn. Learn To get better. perfect your craft hobby skillz Thats How You Gonna Earn Yo Respect in these Streetz. We all make our own decisions which there are rewards or consequences that will face in life Same as Rp The Magic is we get to make them choices for our selfs. Are you here to make this 24/7/365 Fire azz Tv Show With Us. Than Chances Make Champions Catch Your Flight Bring Ya Girl Hit Ya Homies. Community That Wants to be Long Term Wants All Content Creators In this Community too Grow ToGether Sky Is the Limit and Theres Room For Everyone. Where You Can invite Your Community n No matter if they have all day evryday or just a few hours a day to spend kickin it wit there favorite streamer theres ways for everyone to enjoy themselves. Economy Wipe What Is that I could Neva Wipe Anything You Spent Your Hard In $ On Sht Crazy I Give You My Word to always B fair  No Matter What Your Names Is Or Who You are Cause We Dont Make You Ya Momma Did But Yall Make The City n We Couldnt Of Done it Without Yall. #3 UnforgiveableSins 1#Metagaming/2#Hacking/3#OrExploitingKnowinly. Innocent Till Proven Guilty! not guilty well they mighta been innocent. Other than that we all make mistakes n evry situtation different Its Rp We want yall to produce the best possible fire you can n we aint hear to punish ya we here to help ya n have fun that we can all teach each other learn n Grow 2gether. So My Answer is yes I recommend this City Take The Chance On us You Might actually Be Surprised We Already Have Multiple active Streamers From Kick Facebook Twitch n YouTube Very Active Admin Team A Highly Capabable Development Team Led By Yoda Himself That Boi Ed. A partner that has put in endless hours wit me sine the 2nd we picked the call up n said letz do this finally Goes by Copy Cool Gaming. Weve Worked more than weve slept past few weeks 2gether we chose to Follow r Dreams n We HAve a chance too truly do something special My Name is Moneybaby High IQ Gaming n We Introduce too You   "OneWayIn OneWayOut"  Remember The Choice is Yours when You Get Off That Flight So Join The Show!
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