MidnightRP | Quality RP | Outstanding Community | Member Driven Server | Custom Cosmetics/ETC | Hiring LEO!

Hello there serious roleplayers! We know it’s a struggle to find that ‘perfect’ FiveM community that’s cozy and fun that also runs an outstanding server but we strive for that fine balance every day. We’re a close community of quality focused roleplayers just trying to build great stories and chill out in Discord as well. We have so much to offer including many of the popular high quality plug ins. The Dev team add requested mods often as long as server stability is maintained. The staff is very active and consists of mature adults that communicate regarding all decisions concerning members and the server. We invite you to take that leap and hop on in and find your place in our growing community… and pst-- to all the females and those who play a female: You will love this place, from one female to another, trust me :smiley:

Discord. https://discord.gg/KtFpnMk

Forums: https://www.midnightroleplay.com/


  • ■■■■■■■■

  • Whitelisted LEO/EMS - HIRING LEO!

  • Whitelisted Gangs (Custom Script)

  • Custom Jobs

  • Improved Skin Mod (makes people Prettier)

  • Custom In-House designed clothing

  • Realistic Driving and Car Damage

  • Hidden locations across LS

  • Weekly Updates

  • Active, Fair and transparent admins. Quality Roleplay

  • Active Dev Team. Custom Builds

Regular Jobs:

  • :airplane: Pilot

  • :bus: Bus Driver

  • :lock: G4S Security

  • :fish: Fishing

  • :bear: Hunting

  • :movie_camera: News Reporter

  • :hocho: Slaughterer

  • :fuelpump: Fueler

  • :wastebasket: Garbage Man

  • :e-mail: Postal Worker

Whitelisted Jobs:

  • :police_car: LSPD

  • :fire_engine: Los Santos Fire/Medical Department

  • :red_car: Exotic Car Dealer

  • :taxi: Taxi Co.

  • :wrench: Zombies Mechanic

  • :racing_car: Midnight Club Racing

  • :truck: Trucker

  • :taco: Player Owned Restaurants with society money ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


  • :tractor: Drugs (Collect, Process, Sell)

  • :minibus: Meth Cooking (Think Breaking Bad)

  • :herb: Weed Farming (Plant, Grow, and Harvest)

  • :pill: Drug Effects (Some have buffs)

  • :people_holding_hands: Gangs (Custom Hideouts)

  • :department_store: Black Market

  • :convenience_store: Store Robberies

  • :bank: Bank Robberies (Three step processes)

  • :convenience_store: House Robberies

  • :atm: ATM Robberies

  • :gem: Jewelry Store Robbery script

  • :crown: Gold Heist (Vs. Lost MC)

  • :articulated_lorry: Bank Trunk Heist

  • :herb: Drug Heist

  • :dollar: Money Laundering


  • Casino

  • Custom Racing Script

  • Courthouse

  • Tuner Chips

  • Custom Prison

  • Custom Music System

  • Custom Player owned Houses with storage and decorating

  • RocketCAD

  • Custom Police and Gang Armories

  • Custom interiors

  • Player Owned Shops

  • Player Owned Businesses

  • Status Bars (Hunger/Thirst)

  • Emotes Menu and Text (/e lean)


A really great community of awesome roleplayers, be sure to check it out!

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this community is awesome always glad to be here , worth a check nothing has let me down

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