🌙 Midnight Club RP | Discord Allowlist | Unique Character Driven RP | Balanced Economy | User Friendly | Tons of Activities For Any Type of Player!

We are currently building from the server from the ground up and is a work in progress. Want to join us on our journey? Join our Discord to keep up to speed and be there on the first day our city opens!

Midnight Club Roleplay was created to build a community for those people who are looking for a Unique RP Experience with character-building and immersive interactions. From day one, we have been focused on creating a server where you can get lost in the wonderful State of San Andreas while making either friends or enemies along the way. The administration has been involved in the FiveM scene since 2016 and has learned a lot when it comes to creating and maintaining a successful community. Our developers have been working non-stop for months with making our city equal for all walks of life. We have The Midnight Club Administration is excited to present to your our server and community.

Those that are looking to join will see that we are a Discord Allowlist community. Because we have went with this approach, we are often welcoming new players into our city will keeping things secure. We have appropriate measures in place to prevent griefers & cheaters from ruining our players experience. All you have to do to join is accept this invite to our Discord, Verify, and then you are good to go!

Flying in for the first time you will notice there is a lot to do. That is great but can be a little overwhelming! The first thing someone should do is make their way to the City Hall and get themselves a job. You will see that some jobs promote working in groups with others with better pay. This is a great way to meet others and start making connections! From there, I’m sure you’ll be able to figure it out! But to just give you an idea, here are some of the activities our wonderful law-abiding citizens can choose from!

  • Bus Driver :bus:
  • Sanitation :articulated_lorry:
  • Delivery Driver :mailbox:
  • Taxi :taxi:
  • Mining :pick:
  • Hunting :deer:
  • Recycling :recycle:
  • Logging :axe:
  • Farming :potted_plant:
  • And more to chose from!

There are also more opportunities for our citizens can take advantage of with our Whitelisted Jobs. These businesses are player ran, so if you are looking for employment at one of these establishments you have to go meet a manager in the city to fill out an application!

  • Cat Cafe :cat:
  • PizzaThis :pizza:
  • Bean Machine :coffee:
  • Dynasty8 :house:
  • Various Mechanic Shops :mechanic:
  • Vehicle Dealerships :oncoming_automobile:
  • Vanilla Unicorn :wine_glass:
  • Pillbox Medical :hospital:
  • With more to come! :confetti_ball:

That is not all either! As a new city, we are still constantly adding and updating our businesses and other assets along the way.

So your character can’t handle the 9 to 5, huh? Well don’t worry, we got you covered there too. We have given citizens the means to start their illegal businesses and grow whatever they choose into a criminal enterprise. Does your character want to become a drug kingpin? Boost cars? Rob the banks of all their money? Hunt exotic animals? Or does your character want to run the underground street racing scene? The opportunities are endless. We don’t want to spoil everything, so you will have to join our city to really experience the dark side of San Andreas :wink:.

Oh so you’re all about saving the day, huh? Well good news for you, we have the environment to give you a shot at it. We made sure we gave our Law Enforcement agencies everything they needed to keep the streets of San Andreas safe. With our recording CCTV footage, extensive evidence system, MDT, and more, we give you all the means necessary to sweep to streets clean of filth. With our multiple agencies such as the Los Santos Police Department, Los Santos County Sheriff’s Office, and our San Andreas Forest Services, you can find an agency to really call “home”. While you are on the job, you’ll encounter a lot of tough scenarios. Don’t want to work in the field? You can also take your bar exam and become a lawyer. Hope you are ready for the challenge.

This might all look really cool and all, but how often have you seen communities have some of the best servers you have played on but the staff just ruined it all? At Midnight Club Roleplay our Administration and Staff will always value the opinions of our members. We may not always see eye to eye, but that’s normal. We are always willing to work with our members on those issues in order to get some type of compromise. Not only do we want to be there for our members when it comes to server issues, but other issues as well. We understand our players have a life outside of FiveM, and we will all work together on getting to know each other more and create a true community.

Well, I hope you have been paying attention and have been reading because if you have you already kind of get the idea of what to expect. You should expect the moment that you join our DISCORD that you will be treated with respect, fairness, and excitement that our citizens may soon run into you in San Andreas. We are still a newer community, but we have what it takes to become something great. All we ask is that you come along with us on that journey. I hope to see you there!


Feel free to check out our Discord! We will be happy to chat with you if you have any questions!

W Server! Try it out!

Our LSPD has gotten some new uniforms! Lookin sharp!

In depth RP systems for an immersive experience. Alot of possible activities for civilians, and well setup LEO branches. A new server with this kind of detailed scripts is rare, the whitelist process is quick and easy. Try it out. Join the discord for any questions about the server.

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We are growing every day! We are currently rebuilding our server from the ground up and are preparing to relaunch soon. We have 150 members so far. Will you be there when our city opens? I sure hope so. Join our Discord to learn more and be prepared for when our new city opens!

Benny’s mechanic shop got a lil bit of an upgrade! Excited to see this place in action when our city goes live!

Work has been continuing on our server! We recently revamped our PizzaThis and CatCafe jobs. All we need is for you to come cook the pizzas or pet the cats! Want to keep up with further development or fly into the city on day one? Join our Discord! See you there!

Work has continued on creating an amazing server for our players. It was mostly back-end today with coding so no photos today. Want to keep up with the changes? Join our Discord to keep up!

Today has been busy! We implemented a new LS Customs MLO, incorporated an in-depth fishing script with a bunch of features, created our system for the DOJ for you criminals that want to cut down on your jail time, and finally a mayor position that is elected by the players. We have been focused on adding activities and jobs for our legal players recently. It is safe to say this server is packed with content for players to discover. The only thing missing is YOU! Want to fly into the city on the first day? Join our Discord for the opportunity!

We can’t wait to see the shop filled with your creations!

Sneak peek of where you criminals will be sitting a bunch if you don’t cover your tracks carefully!

Work has been steady! Adding more vehicles and custom weapons for our Citizens to try out. We have been making sure all the vehicles we have added are optimized enough for our server so no one receives any issues! Here is just a sneak peak of what vehicles we have in so far!

We also have recently added a new Job Application system to where players can apply for jobs in-game! This allows you to stay in the server at all times without needing to change screens just to access things in-game. Preview Here. We have been gaining a decent amount of people, so why don’t you come join in too? Keep up to date with our server updates and get notified when our city goes LIVE by joining our Discord!

Leadership has gone under some major mentality change that has trickled down onto our members. Leadership is super excited for v2. We are working hard to deliver a finished product to you all that has tons of content from the jump. This also allows us to work on bigger updates down the line. One of the big changes this time with v2 is the way we are splitting up the server. Our city will host multiple ecosystems that players can discover such as Hunting & Wildlife, Illegal Street Racing, Drug Running, Weapon Trafficking, Gangs, & more. Players will be able to devote their character to an area of their choosing and will have to rediscover the city in order to fully immerse themselves in that specific area. We have been working hard on v2. Hope to see you there!

It has been a bit since the latest update! We are still working hard on perfecting our city for all of those that fly in! We have completely reworked our hunting, deliveries, and some other jobs/activities. Speaking of those activities, here is a sneak peak of one we are working on right now!

Up-n-Atom’s is currently in the works. We hope to see you all in the city picking up the restaurants famous “Triple Burger”!