Midnight City Roleplay | 15+ | US Based | Whitelisted | Serious RP | vMenu | Custom Framework and Custom TS Plugin For Realistic Radio RTO

Midnight City Roleplay
MCRP is re-opening! Better then ever before!
A community looking to provide the best roleplaying experience for players!

Midnight City Roleplay is looking to recruit members as we are re-opening soon!
MCRP is also looking to get some staff as our Head Administration team is busy doing behind the scene work to improve our server!

:pushpin: Departments

  • Highway Patrol (Open)
  • Sheriff’s Office (Open)
  • Police Department (Open)
  • Fire Department (Open)
  • Communications Department (Open)
  • Civilian Operations (Open)

:pushpin: What we offer

  • Custom TS Plugin Radio for RTO
  • Custom CAD
  • Custom Framework
  • Custom Civ Cars
  • Much More! Come Join us!

:pushpin: Interested in joining Midnight City Roleplay?

Midnight City Roleplay

Midnight City Roleplay has a fresh new opportunity to come back to FiveM better and stronger than ever before. Our mission statement is to provide you, the player, a life-like and professional experience while being able to enjoy quality roleplay with friends!


We offer a wide variety of cool custom content such as

vMenu based server
Framework economy
Serious Roleplay
Daily Patrols
Custom Civilian Vehicles
Fast Growing Community
Helpful Community
Active Fire Department
Civilian Owned Businesses
Tech Support
Weazel News Website
And much more!
Civilian Operations
Blaine County Sheriff’s Office
San Andreas Highway Patrol
Los Santos Police Department
San Andreas Fire Department
San Andreas Communications

About the Directors and Head Administration

Midnight City Roleplay is under the Direction of 2 individuals.
Brian, and Alex. Brian and Alex have had previous experience
running multiple communities on different platforms.
They have come together and started Midnight City Roleplay.

Unlike other communities, Brian and Alex are great working as a team. The Directors hand picked all Head Administration a part of Midnight City Roleplay. All Staff members consider all options, they listen to feedback given by community members. If there isn’t a superb Staff Team, there isn’t members, which means there is no server.

Website: https://mcrpfivem.com
Discord: Midnight City Roleplay | Fan Discord
Weazel News Website: https://news.mcrpfivem.com/

Trailer: Midnight City Roleplay Server Promotional Video (Whitelisted FiveM) | 2022 - YouTube

Hello everyone, I am Captain Whiplash and a senior staff member here at Midnight City Roleplay. We hope that you will consider joining our community. If you have any questions, join the discord fan server above. :smiley:

Hi, does SAHP need a department head? If so, I would be interested in joining. You can find more about me here: 2 experienced department heads looking for a new community!

It’s a great server. Should come check it out! Lot of cool stuff to offer!

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This server has really grown in the last year its definitely a very good Server to join I’ve been in for little over a year its been really great.

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