Midass Mexican Bistro - Authentic Mexican Food Restaurant [MLO]









Dive into "Midass Mexican Bistro" - a spot so deliciously notorious, it's on the verge of being illegal. Tucked in the beating heart of Vespucci, this isn't just a Mexican eatery; it's a culinary rebellion. Here, every dish is a heist of flavors, each bite a plot twist in your Vespucci saga. With an open terrace that whispers Vespucci secrets and a menu that's criminally good, this bistro is your perfect hideout. Whether plotting your next move or just biting into the city's most illicit flavors, Midass Mexican Bistro turns every meal into an escapade. Welcome to the taste of temptation, where food is so mid-ass delicious, it should be wanted by the law.


  • Open Terrace: Front row to Vespucci's drama, our terrace is where the sun kisses the daring, and every meal feels like a scene from your wildest adventures. Perfect for those looking to dine with a side of thrill.
  • Dining & Ordering: In the bistro's heart, find a menu so dangerously delicious, it's almost illegal. Fast food with a mid-ass touch, served in a setting that's just the right side of shady. Where every order is a risk worth taking.
  • Unisex Toilet: A clean getaway spot, our unisex toilet offers a moment's respite from the outside world's chaos. Here, everyone's welcome, no matter the storyline they're living.
  • Kitchen and Storage Room: The epicenter of our culinary heists, this kitchen cooks up dishes so good, they're almost contraband. With a storage room full of secrets and spices, every meal is an adventure waiting to happen.
  • Changing and Office Room: Change your identity or plot your next caper in our private rooms. A quick costume switch or a strategic meeting over tacos, these rooms are where plans are hatched and appetites are satisfied, all under the guise of casual dining.
  • All logos changeable / replaceable with own: Each venue allows for personalization with your own logos, enabling you to brand your experience and stand out in the city.


  • Total File Size: 10mb
  • Modified game ymaps: vb_occl_01.ymap
  • Modified game ybns: vb_18_0.ybn, hi@vb_18_0.ybn

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Funny story about this purchase…

There was an MLO a developer offered that was really good quality. I reached out to that developer and they told me I need to subscribe to package to get the MLO, mind you, I already have all of their maps.

Unfortunately, I don’t see why I should pay for the same thing twice.

Then I saw this MLO. This was an instant buy! The quality is great. The atmosphere is spot on. The detail is thoughtful… I’m looking forward to the additional mapping that will be released.

Only feedback would be: It would be nice if it were Taco Bomb themed to align with the lore style development other devs like G&N and Gabz have done with Burgershot, Horny’s, and Up 'n Atom.

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Thank you for the kind feedback :heart:

Indeed GTA V lore style content is something my team is working on for upcoming projects :smiley:

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