Miami Dyno Script [Paid Resource]

:palm_tree: Car Dyno - Checks your vehicle horsepower + upgrades:palm_tree:

Video Preview


  • Check how much horsepower your vehicle has
  • Configure amount of hp each car upgrade gives
  • Fully configurable in the config.lua
  • Multiple Dyno Spots
  • All vehicles need to be added to the config



Link to Buy
Dyno Script

Map Link
OG Drag Strip v2.0 -

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This script is not new and i have seen it before in a lot of servers. Is it paid now or what?

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Its not new and always been paid but decided to get some attention on the forums

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oooh Okay.

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this is old as hell, now with tebex this is gonna be more common, soon this gonna be a store

There’s no need to act like dogs and jump to every release. Even if it’s old at lease he did release something that been used by a lot of servers so keep the stupid comments to yourselves and none forced you to comment.


everyone can comment here, if you dont like my comment keep scrolling, everyone is bringing old scripts or even leak scripts to the forum just to sell it, is any filter to show only the normal scripts? if is one please tell me and you dont gonna see me or anyone else complaining about the same stuff

Use the Tags in the release section, input your desired tag. No further discussion on this particular topic needed - please keep this thread on topic in terms of the Miami Dyno Script. Thank you.

paid a leak script???

it got leaked few months ago. But he is the owner of this script.

We are aware that this resource was once leaked, the moderators have checked and confirmed that this poster is indeed the original resource creator. If you have additional concerns, please flag the resource and explain it via that.


If I get this am I able to add it to my garage MLO?

wheres the mapping???