Merge pull request #1730 from thorium-cfx/mono_rt2_1_patch2

A hotfix for build 6093 to fix the ‘Failed to create environment’ issue if the game is installed in a path with non-ASCII characters.


December 2022 Title Maintenance Update (#1, hotfix)

This update has a few fixes and some new features.

Change notes for version 6103

  • Game performance with the “resource monitor” open should be improved now.
  • Some preparations have been made for the ‘new’ C# runtime API to be added in the future.
  • GetConvarInt now handles boolean values instead of returning 0 no matter the value.
  • The Discord auth client should no longer crash if a discord-ipc implementation returns incomplete JSON.
  • Some UI fixes and improvements, including:
    • Startup should be a bit faster now.
    • No useless request gets made to the changelog service unless opening the changelogs page.
    • A case where a low amount of resources with short names would ‘hide’ the resource list has been fixed.
  • The mouse cursor will now properly scale on high-DPI screens. No more super tiny cursor on 4K TVs.
  • The game bypasses Steam Input if we’re not launched by Steam (e.g. Big Picture or another non-Steam game shortcut). This should fix an issue where the November 2022 Steam update broke Xbox controllers.
  • FiveM: Some small game hangs/crashes have been fixed, including gta_cache loading for interiors as well as another potential game hang when unloading a resource.
  • FiveM: The game will now try other authentication methods if using an Epic Launcher game version and the EGL is running as administrator or otherwise blocked (e.g. by security software).
  • FiveM: A few new APIs are available as a result of community pull requests being merged:
  • FiveM: Some game deadlocks on disconnect have been fixed (some old code would run the ‘per-frame update routine’ multiple times).
  • FiveM: A base game bug where drive-by shooting in a certain first-person camera mode would lead to no gunshot sounds/effects being played has been fixed.
  • FiveM: A few Replay Editor tweaks:
    • ‘Asset escrow’ resources should work for clips recorded as of this release. For compliance purposes these grants will still expire after a while, but it’s not entirely unusable anymore.
    • Some cases of load hangs have been fixed as we don’t register assets that aren’t downloaded on clip load anymore.
  • RedM: A few fixes for networking:
    • Memory accuracy fixes, mainly for diagnostics.
    • Some common crashes on disconnect have been fixed.
    • Reconnecting to a server will not lead to a ‘ghost sync’ state anymore.
  • RedM: The ‘Twitch native overlay’ has been blocked from loading as it would cause Vulkan crashes.