Menyoo Trainer & Advanced Bodyguards

I really want to use these mods on my server, any possibility?


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@Ell0er place the .asi files in your plugins folder in fivereborn and the .ini in your gtaV folder

Did not work just put weird text at the bottom of my screen

@Ell0er The Menyoo developer disabled online capabilities, so it’s not gonna work with FR unfortunately

@TouchMyRAM What about Bodyguard squads?

@Ell0er where did you place the files?

@pipje2001 The plugins directory, should it be placed elsewhere?

@Ell0er with menyoo you need to place ‘‘Menyoo.asi’’ in the plugins folder and the ‘‘menyoostuff’’ folder in the gtav folder (where your gta.exe is located)


This is FiveReborn support.

should i delete the folder if i decide to play regular GTAO?

Bump. I want to use advanced bodyguards.

Bump. I want to use advanced bodyguards. (2)

5 year old topic.