Menu template | Sublime-Text 3 and Atom snippets

I just want to share those snippets that I use to create custom menu (I made some change that i didn’t test so feel free to tell me if it work correctly in game)
This may have some issue, feel free to tell me on Git

Here are the snippets :
For Atom and Sublime-Text :

Demonstration :

UPDATE 1 : I added english version of the snippets as “WolfKnight” requested

NOTE : I will add screenshot of the menu later because i’m not at home to test and take screenshots (and maybe make a video)
I will show too how to add a banner on the top of the menu

The menu base is from different sources (Some from BrK)


very nice ! thanks you man :stuck_out_tongue:

Omg, grat’s for this ! :open_mouth:

It’s very basic and you Can add any stuffs but good for beginners :wink:

Maybe add a screenshot of how a finished menu could look ?

Great work - I can imagine this can be helpful to some people out there and I hope it will reduce the amount of /COMMANDS.


Yes i will (i’m not at home for the moment to take the screenshot on GTA). I Will update the snippet to add a banner on the top of your menu and write a little tutorial on it :slight_smile:

This is very helpful indeed, could you provide a version with Titles and such in English please?

How to download?
And it will work for couchDB and 3.2 es

Yes no problem i’ll update it now :slight_smile:

Hi, you have to download the source on git and place files in the correct directory (it’s explain on my repository)
It work with all because it’s juste a template for a menu you just have to create your functions to request you DB

Thanks @RuskieBanana

How to download it, there is no button on github :open_mouth: