Menu accessible just for a job

Hi guys .
I created a menu for a trade I would like it to be accessible only when one does this business and not accessible to all the world.
You have an idea ?
Thank you .

First create a job system, then just make sure the client knows what job you are and perform a check.

Would you have codes to share me because I do not understand too much .

Thanks You for the Help .

Maybe it can help you

Thank you, I’ll see.

Thank you for your help

Hi, I have not managed to set the menu just for a job I still need help. An idea ? Thank you

You got an example, and you can’t script it ?
Be passive, or script. Up to you

An example of my script? A code ?

I was talking about Kyomini link. He shows you the way

Oh ok . I did not understand what Kyomini gave me. Do you have a line of code to help me?
Thank you

All you need is to open the script and find the select button part (probably in a while true do loop and into a for until buttonCount)

I do not understand what you’re saying. Do you have codes to do the job? Because without code I would not understand.
Thank you

Hi, I still need help on this, how can I do?

Here is my client.lua

    while true do
        if IsControlJustPressed(1, 311) then
            DepanneurMenu() -- Menu to draw
            Menu.hidden = not Menu.hidden -- Hide/Show the menu
        Menu.renderGUI(options) -- Draw menu on each tick if Menu.hidden = false
        if IsEntityDead(PlayerPedId()) then
            -- prevent the death check from overloading the server
            playerdead = true
		if namejob == "Dépanneur" then

An idea ?