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Short Summary

Who are we? MemoryRP is a new community within RedM currently under development, HOWEVER we have been making several servers along the years, these have been included with FiveM, Garry’s mod Arma 3 and a bunch of other games.

We are very dedicated to SeriousRP and very dedicated to make people feel free, without too much staff intervention and too strict rules within Roleplay, as long it’s within a realistic limit!

Server Informations

The server is currently under development. We are working on making something that will give people the freedom of feeling a real rp experience. Currently and in the beginning of the server there is no plans of being whitelisted, however it may be coming in the future, meanwhile there will be a lot of positions open for people!


  • Multiple illegal drug activities for criminals
  • Player ran businesses, both default businesses and creative once(Could be created if good)
  • Minor staff intervention
  • More lenient rules aslong it goes with realism
  • Several non whitelist jobs
  • Several non-job activities to earn a bit of money!
  • Detailed radial menu
  • Ingame pinboard
  • Pets that can be raised from puppy’s/cubs to grown adult animals, and help hunting and defending their owners.
  • Camping

Hiring legal jobs;

  • Lawmen
  • Doctor
  • Marshal
  • Mayor
  • Blacksmith
  • Gunsmith
  • Bartender
  • Farmer
  • Herpetoligist

There will soon be pictures and videos along with more fullfillness and colors on this page!

Discord: MemoryRP | SeriousRP