I’ve purchased membership but I got charged twice , how can I get refund of the one ???

I’m not paying twice for that I want refund for same thing!!!

I want to remove this one and please refund because I never want to pay with that account…

Wtf it says quantity 1 and you payed 2x ?!

On 13 I was charged once and now after 13 days again

here are the both payments for same account
13 days later… This is not serious !!! Absolutely insane, once I’ve been posted again 3 months ago for the same issue now again , CFX can you stop charging me every month for 2 subscriptions and I want refund only to this one!

Is there anyone will response to that or we are just chatting all devs in this post ??? Can I get some resolution to that ???

What are the dates on these? did you resub in the middle of the month? if so you will get charged for the current month and then again on the 1st.

And no I didn’t resub , just having problems with the account that is connected to that email that I’m writing from and have problems with payment on patreon so I manage to create new account for that reason and now after 3 months I’m charged again while my account is connected. As you can see in the post they are 2 charges at my account and bank system which first is on 13th May and another one taken from me yesterday which is 26th May. I just written you yesterday just 2 hours later and cancel my subscription from the account that is connected to Never wanted to use it or pay for it , I gave you everything within 2-4 hours and trying to contact you so I can get refund at the moment without so much waiting because I realized it when my bank account get lower and shouldn’t be that is how I catch for the second payment. Just check everything payed from this email which is the same as the account because I’m logged into patreon with google I can give you all transactions for the both payments because They got thru my paypal too and I have receipts in the email for everything and in the bank statement too. Can you refund that for me , I never use it and cancel it at the moment trying to return my money because they are VERY important at the moment for my health and I can’t go to doctor now because of that payment which I don’t agree with it.

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id contact support + paypal support

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it went quiet really fast maybe they helped him allready

Nope, I didn’t get help and money back. They never return money so never mind…

Thats a shame … but thanks for the answer

I just bought membership from patreon and I was wondering where I go to get my stuff.

link your patreon on keymaster:

theres an option Element Club

I did but it not showing no granted assets. I’m trying to get my stuff to stream custom clothing.

bro not assets left side Element Club

Okay, so after trouble shooting my rear off i figured out our issue. Make sure that you log in the with Google for both Patreon and CFX the same email. If you use a different email it will not give you your benefits and update the key. Also in keymaster, link Patreon in both areas under element club and it should update your key to the correct key and unlock your benefits.

Yes you need at least 1 mail or account that is Affiliated to both Accounts