MEGA LSPD Livery Pack [PAID]

Hey guys,

I would like to present a MEGA LSPD Livery Pack I’ve been working on.

LSPD Thumbnail

Upon purchase you will receive liveries for the following cars:
• 10 Charger
• 14 Charger
• 18 Charger
• Caprice
• Taurus
• 14 Tahoe
• 18 Tahoe
• Impala
• Camaro
• Mustang
• 16 Explorer

Compatible for Redsaints Code 3 Pack but can be fitted to any pack you would like.

Once paid, you will receive an email with your order details + the product.
You will also receive Patrol / K9 / Speed Enforcement / Supervisor / Ghost variants.

Tebex Store: Purchase Here
Price: $15


[Some of the vehicles are not shown in these photos]

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Prob best to let people know who’s vehicles these will fit on chief :wink:

Very true lol

What graphics do you use?

I use NVE mixed with a private GFX mod.

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Very nice screen shots. Game looks great! What graphic card do you have also?

TheChamp24 | LSPD Livery Pack | Showcase - YouTube This is literally the same skins?

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Hmm. Does look the same.

but the text color inside the words is blue not black

This is an IRL based skin so I wouldn’t be surprised if someone else has made their own version lol

I have a good old GTX 1060 haha

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All good bro, I was just a little confused!


250$ for those cars ngl thats a lot + why is the picture of the mustang called camaro? xD

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Is there not a livery for the 2020 Explorer?

No, I decided not to do one.

I have a question, Any reason as to why when I add all the liveries in I have a select few vehicles that when I look at them in openIV it like breaks the model with all the liveries it turns the vehicle model all different colors and like deletes the inside of the car?

copy the name of the texture, delete it, and import the texture again and try different compression formats and then add the name back and overwrite what it is.

Do you have the link for the car pack used in these pics as well?

Sure, here: Code 3 Mega Pack - RedSaint Mods