(MDT) Advanced Mobile Data Terminal [ESX / QBCore]

is it no way to translate it now? I just bought it

As I just mentioned in my previous response, there is no translation currently. However within the next week I will be pushing out an update that will suppoort translating the mdt.

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Ok nice. Where do i get informed about the update?

You can either watch this thread where I will post an update message, or you can join the discord found at the top of the tebex store.

Update 1.2 Released!

New Content

  • Two new net events were added which get triggered when a player clocks in or out of the mdt
  • Custom tabs – You can now add external links directly into the mdt to show under tab (Up to 3)
  • “Send to jail” checkbox can now be checked by default if configured to do so
  • Fine exemptions – Unpaid fines can now be exempted
  • Redone permissions – Permissions for each job are now much more configurable
    • DOJ – There is finally DOJ permissions which allow DOJ to view but not create or edit content (highly configurable)
  • License grants – Licenses can now be granted to players directly through the mdt (Configurable)
  • Translation is now supported!
  • There is now society integration built directly into the mdt (Configurable)


  • Reducing fines to 0
    • There was an issue where if you reduced a fine all the way down to 0, it would give the full fine instead.
  • UI getting stuck when opening the mdt too quickly


  • No changes were made to the .sql file

Is there a place I can get this that’s isn’t CFX Locked??? and lowered prices?


@Hotshot1451 Hvordan kan jeg bli med i Skien rollespill på FiveM?

Send PM

Adding ability to close warrants but not delete them would be SUPERB. :wink: