Max Payne 3 prop conversion?

Hello, I’m new to FiveM.

I heard you can use FiveM to convert props from Max Payne 3 to a GTAV compatible format. I have no idea how, though. Someone told me it was done via command line, but I found no console commands of any kind that even remotely come close to a conversion tool. Can anyone set me on way a bit? Thanks.

try using zmodeler3 to convert it to gta 5 format

Thanks, but I’m not all that good with zmodeler3/3ds max, etc. And I was really hoping for the conversion by FiveM (if it even esists).

I would consider this of an advanced and obscure feature and would therefore recommend using ZModeler3 or getting someone else to convert it for you, hell a conversion might already exist but I’m assuming you have already checked that.

… but ZModeler doesn’t even support Max Payne 3 models?

Anyway, steps are the same as the IV->V conversion tool except you specify --game=payne and not --game=ny.


I’m probably saying something very dumb, but is there a standard “IV->V conversion tool” then?

Yeah, FiveM.

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Thank you. :slight_smile: I was away for the weekend, but this looks exactly like I was told to look for.