Marker problem in job buildings what use bob74_ipl

Hello! We created a custom job (FBI) - using the policejob resource for example, and we configured the file, but…

When we in the building in the marker coordinates, the element not showing up (marker, and menu, same)

The armoury (sometimes show up, sometimes not) and the vehicle marker/menu is working perfectly, but the cloakroom, the boss menu (in upstairs the FBI building) not showing up.

Player management is true, Identity is true in the config file. Any every resource is up to date.
The custom teleport markers is already working in the building.

The start procedure is this:

  1. IPL
  2. Interior
  3. Jobs

Any solution for this?

WL, Ben.

What marker are you using? can you lift it a bit of the ground?

20, 21, 22


		Cloakrooms = {
			vector3(150.8, -767.8, 249.2)
		BossActions = {
			vector3(125.6, -753.4, 61.7)

These markers (20, 22) not show up.

The DrawDistance is 50 for all of the markers.

The problem fixed. Future helps no necessary.

Solution: Adding the coords from TxAdmin Coord Copier.

		Cloakrooms = {
			vector3(150.8409, -768.0912, 50.1380)

		Armories = {
			vector3(152.81, -757.41, 45.71)