[MAP] Roxwood County

There is a 3D modelled map and also 2D versions made by the community.

Chunk 3-5 December update!

Our team has been working hard on the new chunks. Slowly the final shapes are being put in place, same applies for texturing. Which means, the team will start to finish the textures and focus more on props. Then we can slowly work towards the polishing state.

Locomotive at the PWR powerplant

Current status of the new chunks

Amazing map so far to be honest, definitely by far the best addition to the GTA 5 world! Defo reocmmend :slight_smile:


Is there a postal map of some sort for this add-on?

when are you guys releasing your vehicle packs?

Not anytime soon as they are still being built LOL

I want to buy but not w/o a postal map.

there are postal maps for sale that do update with roxwood

where do we get it?

theres postals that are free, within their discords… i made one and its there… even with sonoran cad AND nearest postal edits to <3

Any chance of getting a SAT Map for this?

Also its a shame its all locked… would be a greate place to add a MC clubhouse and Mafia place too… so much could be done here…