[MAP][PAID] 2Fast2Furious Tej´s Garage


For Paul Walker ✟2013

Hey Guys :slight_smile:

today I´m happy to presenting you a special MLO. I think all of you know 2Fast2Furious and the Tej´s Garage Szene. I love this building so much so I made it for GTA :slight_smile:

For all of you who doesn´t know this building here a explanation:
It´s a Tuning Workshop with a Showroom and what makes it special is the Outdoor Workshop. I´ve took that free line on the Beach, created a Parking Lot and recreate this Legendary Building.

The position of the building with the beautiful view of the beach and the sea makes this place a place to stay, because who doesn’t want to repair their car while looking at the beautiful sea and the golden beach. :sunrise:

The showroom contains everything a real tuner needs. With over 40 custom made props, from engine components to chassis parts to brakes to NOS bottles, everything is included. And maybe some of you guys will notice a connection with Harry’s Tuner Shop from Fast and Furious 1 :laughing:

The Indoor Workshop is a clean Garage with two Car Lifts and a lot of Mechanic Tools. The Sliding Door is one of my Favorites of this Building. It slides into a custom made Frame so it doesn´t disappear in the wall like in other MLO´s :sweat_smile:

The outdoor workshop offers space for four vehicles and also contains many tool boxes, special tools, tire balancing machines, spring compressors and much more. Here every mechanic will find the right tool or as Dom Toretto would say “And if you don’t find the right tool in this workshop, you don’t know anything about cars”

I hope you Guys liked :slight_smile:

If you need help feel free to contat me :slight_smile:

Greets from Germany :wave:

Preview: https://youtu.be/NHkF982WSHs

Tebex: https://pauls-mods.tebex.io/package/6080338
Lowered the price to 18 € including taxes :slight_smile:

Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Number of lines N/A
Requirements Gamebuild 2545 or higher
Support Yes

Every Map from me comes with fully support, if you find a bug or want custom stuff feel free to contact me :slight_smile:

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Crazy this was my custom order who we paid money for. We got something completely different then you block me an now publish the correct one. Thanks!


ouch lol … how much did he charge you for it ?

150 was it

150 for this haha… sorry if your paying that much you deserve to get ripped off lol

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150 for this mlo and around another 150 for custom patches. If you want we can share here PayPal and chat I don’t care! :slight_smile:

still 150 for this i hope that 150 rupees and not dollars … sorry this alone isnt worth the 36.00 EUR he asking for yet alone 150 you paid him for it … you must have more money then sense lol

I just took a look at your tebex. The stuff you’re selling for 18+ looks like it’s from 1985, and worse than the stuff on GTA itself, it’s almost like you made something for 2 minutes and then want to charge money for it, and then you put a price on someone else’s work when it’s custom made. You can’t just say if it’s worth less or more; it’s up to every person buying and the seller to decide.

Hey thank you for your criticsm. As I write under my posts this is my First Selfmade Building and MLO. I‘‘m new in the 3D Section but I become good feedback for this. Ice never selled the custom order from this customer. My Prices ar all under 18€ with tax is the highest price 15€ and thats for the tejs garage. The Tejs Garage took me 8 weeks to finish so I think my prices are fair. At the beginnig I had to high prices because like I said I‘m new here. But someone write me a message that the prices are to high and I lowered them immeadiately🙂

Like I said I‘m very new in this and in Winter 2024 I will make new free MLOs and more big MLOs.

And like you said its up to everyone to buy my Mapping or not. I make this as a hobby and not professional🙂

Thank you for your feedback and have a great Weekend
Greets from Germany

i mean … maybe but with the sale i have made from my 1985 maps have generated more income then you could think of lol … so il stick to doing it thanks lol … also im not the dude that ripped someone off charging then $150 then releasing in it lol for $18 … to me and the rest of the community thats scummy as hell

Crazy cause I have the original one