Map editor gates!

Just a quick one.

Ive made some custom maps with map editor and converted them to ymap and they appear in the server the only issue is the gates dont open. (they do in gta single player) Im saving as a menyoo xml and converting them. Does anyone know what im doing wrong?
PS these maps will be released on forums when working.
Thanks in advance.

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As far as I know you can not have the dynamic gates that open and close in YMAPS

that was my first thought too but then i saw a ymap of mission row pd with working gates.
Ive tried everything i can think of.

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After extensive testing i discovered gates placed in map editor dont work but if you place them with menyoo and set them as dynamic they work in fivem perfectly. (same for all doors).,


How you getting that too work? I played doors/garages with menyoo and converted my xml to a ymap and my doors and garage doors are all frozen still with the dynamic setting clicked to work. Works in single player but once in fivem they all are frozen

You need to set the right flag for door

How? :confused:

And what is the right flag?

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are you working with codewalker?