Manitowc Police Texture Fivem READ DESC

JUST TO MAKE THIS Clear I Did not create the car my friend @HarpoMed made a texture for it theres the link for the original car 16exp.rar (28.1 MB) download the 16 exp for the texture that is already on the car
if u want just the car without the livery download the car from the linkFiveM_-_Dojrp_sa_9_18_2021_5_46_51_PM

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Can You Guys Comment If You Like It And Want More Skins

Maybe add some pictures of the skin so people know what they are downloading.

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There we go

Guys Give My Boy @HarpoMed A Follow For Creating This Texture, Most Importantly Give Dynamic Mods A Follow For Creating This amazing car And Comment If You Want More Skins