Making FiveReborn gameplay videos

Title says it all…
is it allowed or not ?

Yes it is :slight_smile:

Ofcourse! Be sure to show us the link, always intrested in user created content!

good to know that :smiley:

There’s no reason why you can’t - and for the record, the title doesn’t ‘say it all’, as ‘Making FiveReborn gameplay videos’ and underlying real legitimacy question of it are two totally different ‘questions’ or subjects in reality.

Anyone can make a video of output, and screw what anyone else thinks - any aggro then is between the video maker/distributor and the rights holders of any materials/content that’s not 100% yours to claim rights to. It’s the distribution, whether you have any legally solid right to distribute or broadcast it or display it to the public, that’s where it becomes important to know where you stand.

Remember ‘Fair Use’ claims on any release, that are blunt chisel claims with no reference to why you have fair use rights and what is ‘fair use’ used, are as good as permanently wet or erasable ink on a hypothetical contract - pointless and stupid and toothless.