Making English Server| Need admin

Hello, I am trying to make an English server, at the minute I have a server for a community, I would not like to say the name of the server.
anyways we have been working on this server for a year. we have made adjustments to every script we have and have many scripts that no other servers have. What I am trying to make is a serious RP server, Also The server is using a launcher that no one can hack or be unfair.
The server has many amazing features,
Custom police jobs and ambulance jobs
Custom garage and impound
Custom cars and upgrade
Custom hud and phone
allies and gangs
Custom clothes and no glitching clothes
Custom gun damages
Tbh everything is changed from a normal server that you see, you just need to come inside and take a look at everything we have done. my biggest problem I need admins and someone to take care of the players. if anyone wants to get involved with this project and have time to deal with us for the next god knows how many years haha let me now.

Admin for the community or the server itself

both if you can

I can help if its still needed

Joined the discord.