Make Visuals Great Again FiveM install?

Need help directing the right direction to install this visuals mod to FiveM. Also, is there a way to force this in FiveM server?

Works client side, not server side. but yes it works. PM me for more direction if needed

Hey @DarkWolf2985 I’d appreciate if you could tell me where to make MVGA work in the new file structure clientside. I’m referring to the new “ApplicationData” folder withing the 5M client directory. Those of us who are on the old file structure have no issue simply putting the files into the citizen/common/data/ directory.

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@RPPerry3 I have no idea about an “ApplicationData” folder, sorry

Thanks for responding anyhow. If you were to download fivereborn and install now, the folder structure has changed. Before it was \Fivereborn Client\ All the files to run . Now it’s \Fivereborn Client\ApplicationData\ All the files to run.