Macabre Ultimate Item Base

Ultimate Item Base , is a base script which starts with 48 different items but
every week or so i will release item packs which you can
copy and paste into the config add the items to the DB
restart the server
and you got a new item pack installed on the same script

the ultimate item base contains the following

native headbands
native accessory pack
skull masks
tribal masks
macabre rings
female bands and hats
The Miner Hat

all in all 48 items

head to our tebex to check it out - Macabre Redm | Ultimate item Base and packs (

you will still be able to get the standalone resources if thats what you prefer but the packs for the ultimate item script will be a little cheaper as all they will contain will be a few scripts to copy paste and ad to the db of your ultimate item base script

| Code is accessible Yes
| Subscription-based No
| Lines (approximately) N700+
| Requirements |N/A
| Support Yes