Macabre Rings UPDATE now available as Items for Vorp and RedemRP Frameworks

Macabre Rings features 10 wearable Rings 5 for female and 5 for male, you can either use a command to spawn them or if your using the vorp framework have them as items and wear them

features Wedding ring ,Gothic Ring, Bloodstone Ring ,One Ring to Rule them all aka (A gold ring), a pure silver ring

Db sql - vorp framework

items - vorp framework wearable items

Vorp Framework - simply add the sql to your Db and you will be able to have the Rings as items**

Other Frameworks - Use the command /Ring with the corresponding numbers eg /Ring1 /Ring2 and use /Dring to unequip the Ring

watch the video here - Macabre Redm - Macabre Rings - YouTube

purchase from our tebex - Macabre Redm | Packages (


| Code is accessible Yes
| Subscription-based No
| Lines (approximately) |500+
| Requirements N/A
| Support Yes

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Update - I have added 5 more rings primarily for males as the originals were only working properly on the females , this has been fixed with 5 more male ring items :slight_smile: