LSPD Mega Pack V2

Im Back With Another LSPD Pack With The Old DOJ Skins These Cars Are Very Nice But Must Be Installed Seperately! I Did NOT Make The Cars Or Skins So Go Here - To Check Out The Original Textures Enjoy

Download -

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Looks like a nice pack!

Tips: Include picture on this post. Don’t just have a link to the original vehicle. Include spawn names, include if its ELS or not and if its add-on or replace. :smiley:

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People love screenshots, so please add some if you can! :mascot:


By the way, both of the CVPI lights are dim and missed placed. Please check it over yourself before releasing, thanks.

so to install all i have to do is drag and drop the PD Pack folder?

what i used he skin pack that you gave me but added all of the cars in addon form and you dont own that pack so

no go inside their and install each car seperately

yes i figured it out thx for the nice pack expect pd and pd2 the light bar all the lights dont light up for me…

yes i appoligise ive been trying to find a fix but i currently cannot find one sorry

So you forked off officerbacon’s mod and didnt ask permission or credit him?

You’re kind of a dick.

well no he didnt make any of those cars or skins and i made more and they worked better so…