Ls-inventory advanced system [esx/qb]

Unfortunately, too little information has been published for €119! How are the items read? Do you have to adjust the items for qbcore? Unfortunately no answers can be found!

Inventory have a big documentation, I also try to answer all questions about the inventory. It is impossibly difficult to explain everything about inventory in this topic. Inventory backend and frontend different than other inventories, and it’s makes it hard to explain.

Inventory is essential part of server, not harder but not easy too. It’s have already installation guide in documentation.

fivem-appearance works much different and more complicated than other traditional clothings. It’s not my part but I was testing and trying to implement. It can now work together seamlessly, although not fully at the moment.

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i have a question this inventory have metadata for custom durability ???

Where would you insert the trigger for the clothing for fivem appearance?

if so :smiley: you could connect it with your bp_clothing


How is the UI built?
HTML JS, React, Vue?

So important infos for Open Source before buying would be good.

Anyone have infos about that?

I recently had the opportunity to use LS-Inventory, and I must say, it’s an amazing script. The visual appeal and design of the inventory are top-notch, and I was instantly drawn to it. However, my enthusiasm quickly turned into frustration when I discovered that our lead developer had to spend two weeks fixing various issues.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m willing to pay 300 euros for an inventory system that looks as nice as LS-Inventory does. But it’s crucial that it functions smoothly without any hiccups. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case for us.

While the script’s aesthetics are commendable, the time and effort required to make it work properly were quite disappointing. It would have been more satisfying if the developers had invested more in testing and refining the functionality before releasing it.

In conclusion, LS-Inventory has the potential to be a fantastic script, but the overall experience was marred by the need for extensive fixes. It’s my hope that the developers take the necessary steps to address these issues so that users can fully enjoy the script’s impressive features without encountering significant obstacles.

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Does this still work? im new to this and want to test out your scripts thanks :v: :heart: :pray:

if this works at 50 its fair but if this was something small like a gun or a jacket then 50 would be to much you get no month you get it open source that is nice, I’m subbing to this guy. like i said i just hope all the scripts work then we are all in biz mate

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script works fine. If you’re not a developer, you might have trouble setting up.

I will be contacting you later today 100% my brother