Ls_customs engine mods

When you go to ls customs and the mechanic upgrades the car, there are 4 levels of engine boost. There is also the turbo option. I cannot find which script is responsible for how much boost the car will get. I am trying to change the percentage of boost the cars will get.
Any ideas?

I think that’s from GTAV, I was also trying to do something similar but guess that GTAV default config

It’s in the gta files tho you can make it give more boost through a existing ls_customs, i’m almost certain someone has made a nos script or something where you can look at how they upped the boost

Alright, thank you for the help, guys.

you can set how much boost a car has by setting the ‘fInitialDriveForce’ handling float. you can definitely make cars a lot faster this way.

here’s a quick lua example to get the value of fInitialDriveForce, increase it by 0.5 and then set the new value:

local playerVehicle = GetVehiclePedIsIn(PlayerPedId(), 0)
local currentValue = GetVehicleHandlingFloat(playerVehicle, 'CHandlingData', 'fInitialDriveForce')
print("fInitialDriveForce: "..tostring(currentValue))
local newValue = currentValue + 0.5
SetVehicleHandlingFloat(playerVehicle, 'CHandlingData', 'fInitialDriveForce', newValue)

you could increase it a small amount with each engine upgrade to make cars faster with each level.
hope that’s helpful in some way