Low FPS and idk why

yesterday I played GLIFE Extinction as normaly.
I had about 80 to 100 fps at most places, but all of the sudden my fps dropped to 30 to 50.
I tried restarting my game, my computer, reinstalling fivem and GTA. Nothing worked out.
My FiveM is acting strange too, it takes so much of my PC perfomance.
Reminder, I did not installed anything weird and my GTA and FiveM settings are low quality and I had no problems with them before.
My drivers are up to date and I have no problems with my PC beside Fivem.
Please help.

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try with this pack: [Release] FiveM for Low End PC"s (2.0)

Record and upload a .etl trace: Xperf Basics: Recording a Trace (the ultimate easy way) | Random ASCII – tech blog of Bruce Dawson