Los Santos Department Of Public Safety | New server just opened.

Welcome to the Los Santos Department of Public Safety!

Looking for a new serious Roleplay server?
Are you wanting to join us here at Los Santos Department of Public Safety Role-play?
Well your in luck, cause we are always hiring new LEO & Firefighter’s to come join the fun in Serious RP.
We take Role-play to the next level even knowing we are a Public Community.
We have professional & talented developers working 24/7 to bring Role-play & new updates the our Community.
Los Santos Department of Public Safety intends to grow together as a family & not as a community. We take pride in our work & support.
So what are you waiting for? Join today to RP with top notch role-players!

What do we offer you may ask?
-FiveM Argentum Patreon
-Fully working Discord server
-Professional made website, discord & teamspeak

-Los Santos Civilian Department
-Los Santos Police Department
-San Andreas State Police
-Blaine County Sheriff Office
-Los Santos Communications
-Los Santos Fire/EMS Department
-FTO Recruitment Division
-Staff Recruitment Team

San Andreas RP Information;
Server IP:
Discord: https://discord.gg/TRRcRpz5zj
Twitter: https://twitter.com/LSDPublicSafety

Age Requirements;
Application: 13+ With Acceptations

We are a Serious FiveM RP Community.
Here To Optimize Your Role-play Experience! ~Los Santos Department of Public Safety Senior Leadership

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Bump! BCSO Now in the works! Join to apply today!

Bumb Bumb, we really chill and looking for people to add to our community and become a family, so come on by and apply:)