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Los Santos County DOJ RP (or LSCDOJRP for short) is a brand new server for FiveM hosting arguably the best roleplay on the whole FiveM platform. We are a voice-based community that maintains several career paths you can choose for your character. We have SAST, a State Trooper law enforcement agency that mains the jurisdiction of the whole of San Andreas, the LSPD, a Department functioning in the municipal of Los Santos, Fire Department, and so many more routes to go with.

LSCDOJRP has had many months of hard work been put into the servers custom, never seen before script’s. Not only is the script’s something that will be refreshing to old FiveM players, but there will be a multitude of custom vehicles, weapons, and many more things that has not typically been seen in your traditional FiveM role play servers, and where you will have to explore yourself!
Our admins on LSCDOJRP are strict, yet friendly and approachable people. They do not tolerate Fail RP and always attempt to keep role play scenarios fair between everyone involved, and also attempt to not be bias.

Thank you for reading, I hope LSCDOJRP peaks your interest and I am excited to see you on our server.

Begin by joining our discord server below!

Nice. Have fun on your server