Los Sanstos Summer Special Cars

Update: New versions of FiveM and the servers already have the files. Installing this would just be a waste of hard drive space

I think this post fits in the category, and I have not seen a post about this yet.
I created a resource that adds the new vehicles from the Los Santos Summer Special update to a FiveM server using vMenu addon vehicles to spawn them in.

I am still working to make it more user friendly, and I have not figured out how to add the new wheels, but cars and car customization works!
If you are looking for the new open wheel cars, they should be in the Compacts class, the same place as the BF Club. All cars will be using their model names.
I think it would be a good idea to install Diamond Casino Heist cars, and everything before that, as I had not tested this without them.
Link to download on Mega: 1.41 GB folder on MEGA