Los Angeles RP

Welcome to the California DOJRP Community/Serious RP

Friendly and respectful staff

You Have To Be 17+Years Old To Join The Server

1.DOJ Based
2.Anyone Can Apply To Become A Cop And Civs
3.Easy Interviews
5.Active Admins
6.LEO Training
7.Custom Police Cars
8.Discord And TeamSpeak
9.Custom Civ Cars
discord Link To Apply Is California DOJRP Apply
Or Go To The Link To Apply To The Server California DOJRP Application Form (jotform.com)
WebSite=California DOJRP
Server Requirements:
• Must have a mature/professional attitude
• Must be capable of managing law enforcement officers
• Must be able to speak clear and understand English
• Must have a legal copy of GTAV/FiveM client on PC
• Must have Discord
• Must have a working microphone
Must have TeamSpeak