Lore Friendly Wheels Pack add on in FIVEM

link to download : http://www.mediafire.com/file/7lrjm58pbf1ql9k/lorefriendly.rar

lore friendly adds over 120 new rims to fivem
this is my first release so enjoy

(note: use trainer V to choose them they wont show in lambda menu)


How it work bro? I dont understand? :stuck_out_tongue:

put it in your rescources and int the yml then use trainer V to change the rims because with lambda it doesnt work

Okok thanks you! :slight_smile:

Can this work with LS Customs?

it cannot work with it sorry

this will work with server side menu like vMenu ???

Yes it will work you just need to add them to the config

what other menus can you use besides vMenu??

How do I add this to MythicalBro’s LS Customs?

Is there a way to add this into my esx_lscustoms script? I would like to know before trying to solve anything and figuring out I can’t.


Scroll up the answer is right there…