Looting System [QBCore][ESX]


  • You can add or edit searchable props from config.
  • You can rewards and min/max amounts from config for each searching type.
  • Sycnronised searching
  • Cooldown for searched entity’s [ you can change cooldown minute from config. ]
  • Each entity can be search for a once, after cooldown ends can be searched again.


New Update:

  • ESX is available now!
  • OX_Target spam is fixed


Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 500+
Requirements qb-core or esx
Support Yes

ESX + CORE_INVENTORY PLEASE!! this is so dope been trying to do something like this for cayo and such, especially using cores inventory UI

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I’m working on esx rn <3 thanks for your interest


patiently waiting then, ha!

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:fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire:

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i have to figure out about esx first :smiley: biggest parts are done

i love these survival scripts, thats soo cool, thx for share

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ESX version is available on tebex <3 https://underworld-shop.tebex.io/category/esx-escrowed

Hey not trying to belittle you
At all but you can already do this for free by creating a loot table in core inventory and calling the event for it what makes this script different from doing that

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exports[‘core_inventory’]:openLoot(source, inventorytype, lootTable, minItems, maxItems)

This is the exact event to be precise

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Script checks your nearst entity then creates netid for it then adds menu[or target] for that spesific entity with netid , im using core_inventory but it also gives item if you’r using qb-inventory. Main thing is each entity can be search for once then timer starts, when timer hits 0 searched entity removed from table soo other players can search it too. Its synchronised. Same entity cant be searched again while in timer. Thanks for your comment but again, the main point is not the way loot opening :slight_smile: im not selling inventory here im selling loot script i already mentioned core_inventory in dependencies.

And the most important part every props you mentioned in config can be searched everywhere. With different netid

ox_inventory supported?

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not for now :slight_smile: i will make it as soon as i can

working with esx inventory?
currently using chezza

can u update discord link?

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discord link updated.

yes working with esx inventory