Looking to fine tune and fill up rp server

Hi all. I recently got a fivem server for rp and have a basic setup kind of going, but I turn to the internet for guidance as we all do from time to time. I’ll be honest I have no clue how to run one from an rp standpoint and right now it’s just me and a friend. Seeing how we like the idea but wanted our own vision but ran into the biggest problem of all. I asked myself last night “now what” we don’t have people to play with on it. I am completely open to communicating with a seasoned rp’er on how to further develop the server into something special and fill it with wonderful people. I’ve seen the YouTube videos of these sick servers and want that as well, but I also want to build it up from the start with others that can have true input and have things added/taken away, changed, updated, you name it. So, I guess TLDR please help fine tune the server into an awesome one that people want to play. I have a discord for the server that you are more than welcome to join and chat about ideas and what i could be doing as a new prospective server owner. BADGER RP