Looking to build a team for a FiveM server. [UK]

Good day everyone.

My name is Kenzie, im 16 and im from the uk. I have took a break from owning servers for the past 9 months but have now decided to come back.

I am looking for the following ranks to be filled;

Owner x1
Co owner x1
Management x3
Head of staff x1

If you believe you have the skills to partake in this newly emerging server called Nexus City UK then please get in touch as i have big plans for this server and with the right team everything can come to vision.

I’ve already got about £3,000 in keymaster assets as well as a discord set up and development skills myself, owner and co owner would have to make dedications.

Please add my discord to discuss any of the following roles shared above.
User: bandoobaby


are you still lookinng? also sent friends request