Looking for server to Dev on

Hello I am looking for a server to dev on. I originally took a break for personal reasons but I am back and willing to dev! add me on discord (D3 kil3rblood#0432)

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Hi there, I am just starting a server up myself. I am an ex DOJ / OCRP member who takes professionalism to the maximum level. I am seeking many developers at the moment as I have only a vague idea regarding development. Just send me a line if you are interested.

Lambda is currently looking for developers,game masters,trainers if you are interested join us on discord and contact me for interview.

where are you located?

hurry up and reply to my dm, my zmod is already to go, just waiting for you, can have your server up and going with in a week.

i think his account was removed tbh

Nope not deleted just not constantly responding

i am also looking for a developer and players for my Server

Discord: Robin#0759

Open again

Hey! I’m currently trying to startup a whitelisted economy server. I’m hoping I can make it different and better than all the other economy server. I want it to be custom and a better experience for all. I have no idea at all how to develop or code or anything. Hopefully you can join me and Los Angeles RP. I tried to add you but It didn’t work my discord is Steezy#3265 please contact me, and I hope to work with you in the future.

:wave: Hey! Welcome to TheFlockRP :wave:
We’re a friendly community that’s just starting to grow? You might like us x)
After some work, Our Development Team are working on conveying popular scripts to be out of this world!
We’re constantly working on new updates and tweaks to make your experience as good as we would anticipate. We’re a relatively unique server, with our thoroughly British themed map and range of British vehicles to use.
You can even join the Police, Ambulance service, become a banker and lots more jobs! RP is advised but because we are so new to the community we can be lenient ;), and there’s no limitations to what you can do; that being, as long as you don’t ruin anyone else experience :wink:.

Come join our community today! We’d love to have you around.

Our Discord Community - [https://discord.gg/bfaTtKb ]
Our cfx join link - cfx.re/join/6mab67

Hey, We are an aussie server looking for help with ELS Vehicles

If your still looking for that help add me on discord (D3 kil3rblood#0432)

didn’t work, add Kayne#0002