Looking for modded server

Hi all, not sure if im in the right place still so if someone can point me in the right direction please. Somewhere on here i came across a resource someone created, but mentioned renting an already modded server.

Does anyone know of it. Im looking to rent a server for me and a couple of friends with the major rp resources already added as we just cant get our head round adding them ourselves through tutorials.

Any help would be great. X

So the first thing you need to know is which framework you want to use. The two popular ones here seem to be Vorp and Redemrp, with QB-Core being newer but coming from FiveM. Both are different and some scripts will only work with one or the other, while some will work for both. Look at the tags on post to get an idea.

There are a few Pre-made servers out there but honestly, most aren’t ready out of the box. But if you need a good foundation, it doesn’t hurt to start there. Once you know what framework you want to use, search for pre-made on Github or on here and download it, follow the instructions to set it up, and you should be able to get a basic working server for you and your friends. Then you get the fun part of trying to get all the scripts to work and adding new ones. I suggest you have a friend who is familiar with lua to help as some scripts aren’t exactly user friendly and require a bit of fiddling.

Far as im aware “and i believe is still the case even with RedM” no one can sell/rent pre-made servers.

Zap-Hosting is the only authorized provider otherwise you risk the server being blocked.

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Thank you for your replies. Looks like im going to have try again then.

Just cant get the mysql to work properly but will post it in the relevant place. Ta