Looking for Members, Staff, Cops - BCRP | Blaine County Role Play | Looking For Staff | White-listed Cops | Anyone can be Fire and EMS | Lambda Menu Based

Hey there! Im assuming you clicked here attempting to look for a server to join, well let me tell you why you should join us, but firstly let me introduce myself and the server.
I am Unshadowed, and I’ve been developing this server for sometime now. As of this post it is only my manager and I working on the server, but we want you to join! and here’s why

We want new members to become apart of our server as we feel we know what the people like
BCRP is a serious Roleplay server with a non-stuckup staff team. We have fair rules to make sure you have a good experience!

What our server is about and why you may like it
*Over 100 custom vehicles, including Civilian vehicles, Police and fire/EMS
*Open Fire Dept + EMS
*A Blaine County SO
*Fair rulings and punishments
*As a new server we are taking suggestions from all players, so if you want to have an impact on a server that may turn into something big, join today!
Connect through
[Discord] (https://discord.me/bcrp1)
[Forums] (https://bcrp1.mistforums.com)
Server IP -

Server Open 24/7 as of 18th October @ 20:00 GMT

Server Opens Today!

Hello! I would love to be apart of BCRP. Message me if you want to talk about this.