Looking for drug script where you use a scale and break bricks into ounces or grams

Hello !
I once saw a server with a script where you’d collect ‘’ bricks’’ of coke for example on drug point and then you’d have to buy baggies and a scale to break them down into grams before selling them to npcs.

Does anyone know that script and where i can get it? This would help me a lot :slight_smile:


ever found it???

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I havent but if you want drop me a private message and i will explain to you how to make useable items in your optional needs that will just make the same for you


I can help you with this if you still need it

thank you so much! i found a solution to what i needed :smiley:

I am looking for the same script, did you ever find it?

No but if you want i can Dm you and let you know how to make your own items to do it :slight_smile:

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That would be great, thanks!


Mind sharing it with me as well?

can you share that info with me aswell please

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Same with me as well

would you be able to help me do this also if you found out how to do it ?

i could really use this too please some trying to charge me 50pound to break my drugs down

can u share this with me to please!