Looking for Developers creating a new Staff Team

Hey we could use help with Development, so this is whats going on right Jax (owner of the server) has a dedicated server he pays for. Me ( a script kiddy) and him decided to start a RedM server. Jax was looking on the internet and found some files for a FiveM ESX server (this is a full operational Server). So we installed it and it seems to work. I myself am currently busy with our RedM Server so i dont have time to work on the FiveM Server. Jax has no intrest in FiveM and Rp at all. So we are basicly looking for a Crew to handle the FiveM server and fine tune the files within it becomming part of our staff/dev team. Everything seems to work and it seems ready for RP

So if you can help us out in any way that would be great.

Discord: https://discord.gg/27KAsPmyxw

Using server ad to mess up servers. This is not what the #server-development:server-bazaar is for