Looking for Co-Owner That can Help Pay

Hello! I am an experienced FiveM developer with eight months of server owner experience. I have significant knowledge of development, including livery/EUP design, vehicle modifications (handling, lights, etc.), scripting, as well as general server and staff/member leadership.

My server just released yesterday. Unfortunately, we are financially challenged at the moment, so I would greatly appreciate it if someone were to pay for our server, which would cost $25 per month. In return, you would be granted an owner position.

Please contact me on Discord at Sir#4781.

Thank you for considering, and I look forward to chatting with you!

We are still looking for a co-owner. Please note that I will not accept offers from hosting companies.

Lol. Did Supremo leave?

I will not disclose that information to someone who blocked me and is actively trying to defame our server.

I mean Supremo was corrupt and disrespectful and you did nothing about him because he was “paying for the server”

I’d be glad to come back if he is gone.

Frankly, I prefer someone more polite on my server.

Like Supremo? Yeah Ok Bud.

I’d rather that we go our separate ways and you not continue to attempt to slander our community.

We’re still looking for someone who can help out.

Still looking.

you can join mine if you want?

Added on discord

Still looking.

added u on discord

Bumped, we are growing daily!