Looking for co-owner or dev for a new server

Hello! My name is Flanzz and im from sweden, im 14 years old. I reacently started a server and im currently programming it and building it. But its a bit hard to do all myself. So thats why im looking for a Co owner for my server.

The person needs to be at least 14 years old or older and have a mic. Thats all the stuff you need to be for becoming the Co-Owner.

And the dev, the only thing you need to be is to know your way around on programming anf fiveM server making.

Also you need to be active working on the server.

Just reply for more info

Thanks :wink:

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Btw add me on discord if intrested: Flanzz#3191

Any more information would be helpfull. What kind of server you gonna create, do you have a playerbase allready, that are ready to play your server.
You are 14 years old, so, how certain can you manage a server, pay for the server monthly, can you make sure all your plugins are always up to date.
are you going to build a custom framework or a ESX server.

Hello Weszzy thanks for askin. This is a Roleplay server, a sandbox server with vmenu installed and admin menu installed plus an addon car menu. So no currency or anything like that just some chill sandbox roleplay.

I could run the server on my own but it would be tough so that why i need a co owner. At the moment no one needs to pay monthly. And the plugins are working fine and are always up to date.

I do know some LUA but not a lot so thats why I need someone that knows their way around lua, if not any it would be fine I would just try to fix it another way.

Are you intrested?

i am i added you on discord its Leaf Toast

hello, if you are still willing to pay for a server or if urs is still up to bring in another co owner? if so please dm me on discord (Fedko#0001) for more info

Add me on discord, I’m an experienced developer, and have run multiple community’s as high management. Matteo LLC#0669

Add meTimmy McGee :reminder_ribbon:#0350

How do you add a co-owner to a fivem server i am wanting to add my buddy as a co-owner to my server so he can help me add and develop stuff into the city.