Looking for aspiring developers


I’m in the motion of setting up a RP community, coming back from the A3 Altis life days and have over 7 years experience within the RP dynamics, I’m looking to start something unique not follow the crowd and have a “no pixel” inspired server, they’re all too common. - Anyone that’s looking to jump into the journey with myself and a few other collective individuals please don’t hesitate to comment.

I’d rather speak in a DC call so we can establish a wave length instead of discussing this over “message” i’m a visionary and ofcourse having an experienced dev or even someone that wants to try and help out puts us in the picture.

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Still looking; AGAIN let me illiterate; I’d ideally like a custom framework not someone who calls themselves a dev that copy and pastes current scripts

Hey text me on discord and we can setup a call
It’s Sinester#4715. I think I’ll be able to help you out