Looking for an ESX fivem developer

Hey there, we have a small team that been working on a fivem server.
My boyfriend is a great dev and were focusing on making the server 90% custom.
Obviously when it comes to custom scripts they need to be thoroughly tested etc (so the process is a bit tedious)
Anyhow, we’re looking for another dev who can handle the simplistic things while my boyfriend focus on the “harder” things.
The most a can give about our server is its going to be serious roleplay and the scripts are going to make RP a lot more immersive.
Framework is ESX
As far as staff, majority of us are fun friendly & outgoing.

If you are interested please dont hesitate to comment and we can take it from there :slight_smile:

If you can convince me that it’s worth it for me to spend my time doing scripting for you, then I’m interested

Yo hit me up my discord is Shadow Wolf#6470

Hey, reach me out on d/c <karma.h>#9175